British Canvas Water Carrier (Chagul)

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British Canvas Water Carrier (Chagul)



British Army Canvas Chagul Water Carrier (New)



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Military operations in deserts and jungles have a long logistical tail, with supplies for man, vehicle and beast needing to be carried vast distances in hot and difficult conditions. In both cases water is an essential requirement and during the Second World War it soon became apparent that the standard British Army water bottle was not sufficient. What was needed was something with a large capacity that could keep the water pleasantly cool. The British army turned to an ancient East Asian idea they had been using since the early days of the Raj; the Chagul or Chagil. The chagul is a cloth bag that water is put inside. The water slowly evaporates through the fabric, keeping the remaining contents cool. The idea had been used for thousands of years by natives in the far east and the British soon produced canvas bags to take advantage of the principle: